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Hi, the developer behind our college website is

Kingsley Aduhene

Software, App & Web Developer, Founder of King Adu Tech Solutions, Computer Science & Engineer Student

Kingsley Aduhene
Kingsley Aduhene

Know More About Kingsley Aduhene

About Him

Since 2012, I’ve been helping businesses from individuals to mid-size companies for their design and marketing needs. I help many successful startups to build their brand from the ground up.

My Latest Projects

You can find some of the featured projects here. To see my older projects, please contact me.
Kingsley Aduhene
Kingsley Aduhene
Kingsley Aduhene


One of my passions is illustration. Here are some of the works created in my free time. Please make a purchase to support me.

Kingsley Aduhene
Kingsley Aduhene

My services

What I do…

My main focuses are design, development, app, and UI/UX design. There is no specific rates (price list) because every project is unique. If you want a quote on your projects, please contact me. I normally respond my emails within 24 hours except weekends and holidays.

Kingsley Aduhene


All general design services are covered from logo branding to complete web app/site design.


Whether it is an Android, iOS or web app, I provide full development from design to app launch. You get to test live prototypes before deployment.


The development can be done in-house. From design straight to development all done here, cut the hassles in communication and going back & forth with revisions between companies.

UX/UI Design

Got an existing site/app that needs to be fixed or redesigned? Having a good user experience (UX) is essential for better conversions and user engagements. I can help to review and redesign your existing projects.


and Experience

2016 – Present



Officially founded the studio where I provide a complete design and development service.



Web Developer

Transitioned from design to development, I helped the company to code their web app along with a large team.



Junior Designer

Although it was a junior designer title, but I got a great opportunity to work with the team on a large scale project.




Participated in an internship program where I assisted the team in various design & development projects.


My Works

Kingsley Aduhene

Get in Touch

Tell Me About Your Projects

No project is too big or small. If you need a quick quote on your upcoming projects, send me a message. Your quote is normally responded within 24 hours (of course excluding weekends and holidays).

Old Elmina Road, Central Region

School Code: 0030101
P.O.Box 98 Cape Coast

Call Us

Headmaster: +233 24 464 3691
OFFICE: +233 24 694 8757