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About Augusco

St. Augustine’s College (popularly referred to as AUGUSCO) is a prestigious all-male public academic institution founded in 1930. It is the first catholic institution in the training of male teachers. It is also the first catholic second cycle school (senior high school) to be built in Gold Coast, (now Ghana). St. Augustine’s College is the biggest catholic senior high school in Ghana to date. Students who enter St. Augustine’s College received a high standard of education comparable to standards anywhere in the world. The College’s ground and playing fields cover an area of about 1.30 acres – 52, 6084 hectares (i.e. 0.2031 sq miles or 0.5192 sq. km).  St. Augustine’s College lies between latitude 5°6’N to the South and 5°6’28”N to North, and longitude 1°15’50”E to the East and 1°16’5”W to the West. It is bounded by Fosu Lagoon/Adisadel Estates to the North, St. Augustine’s Practice J.H.S., the Catholic Education Unit and Archbishop’s House to the West, the Cape Coast metropolitan Hospital and part of the Fosu Lagoon to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the South. It is about 1.8km from Cape Coast Town Hall (Bakaano) and about 2.3km from the West gate of University of Cape Coast.  The school currently has a student population of about 1,931 and a faculty number of about 88. Students of the school are known as Augustinians and an old boy is also known APSUNIAN.

College Flag

The founding fathers (being Irish) carved out the colours of the College flag from their country’s (Ireland) national flag, which has green to the left and orange to the right with white in the middle. The green in the College flag signifies the Catholic identity of the College. The white symbolizes the College’s invitation to other institutions of learning to co-exist and share in its rich experience. The College flag is hoisted with the green on top, which shows the Catholic identity of the College, soaring above all. The white below shows the College’s readiness to co-exist with all other institutions of learning that relate with it.

College Motto

The College motto in Latin is: - “OMNIA VINCIT LABOR”


College Coat of Arms

The College Coat of Arms consists of a shield on which is a white cross on a green field. Superimposed on the white cross is a lighted touch flanked by a laurel that is represented by yellow olive branches. The grey colour on the upper part of the shield – combination of white and black signifies the combined efforts of the society of African Missionary (SAM) Fathers (whites) and African faithful in propagating the gospel through the promotion of excellent academic and moral discipline.

College Anthem: (In Fanti) MBO ƆGƐSTEN